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Big Gang Brush Set


BIG BOSS – 21cm x 6.5cm
When a job needs to be done, who do you reach for? Featuring
soft, thick and flexible bristles created to hold maximum
product and blend seamlessly no matter the hair type or texture.

LORD OF THE GLOSS – 22cm x 5.5cm
Two tools in one. Closely related to Big Boss, featuring the
same soft, thick and flexible bristles for maximum precision.
Treat yourself to a speedy application with Lord of the Gloss.

MIGHTY DETAIL – 21cm x 4.5cm
When Big Boss and Lord of the Gloss are a little heavy handed,
bring the Mighty Detail. Featuring softer and slightly longer
bristles with a feathered finish. If detail is your game, you’re in
for a win with Mighty Detail.

MIGHTY MINI DETAIL – 21cm x 3.5cm
Baby hair will never be a problem again, featuring ultra
fine and soft bristles for remarkably detailed work.

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