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Jaye Volumising Sea Mist


Feeling dull? Try this! A versatile and lightweight sea salt mist that adds body, texture and grit. Humidity resistant for effortless volume and windswept texture. It’s your go-to for babin’ beach hair without the sand!


Inspired by the EdwardsAndCo lived-in look, the Jaye Volumising Sea Mist is perfect for all hair types and loved for it’s versatility! Just a few pumps into the roots and you have a lasting lift, or spritz a few mists into the ends and you’re set for a seaside vibe.



A) Shake well and mist liberally onto damp roots before blow-drying in for a lasting lift.
B) For a textured beach look, spritz onto dry mid-lengths and ends. Add a second layer for a little extra grit.

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Key Ingredients

ROSE WATER – Promotes moisture retention. Prevents dryness. Acts as a barrier against harmful environments.

SODIUM CHLORIDE – Salt! Provides an authentic, sea-affected action.

HYDROLYSED CORN STARCH – Absorbs excess oil and moisture.

MAGNESIUM SULPHATE – Natural curl booster or curl activator. Nourishes the scalp.

SODIUM POLYTACONATE – A high performing hair fixative polymer.

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